India CSW villages

In the region of Bihar, India, there are more than 50 villages where the sole income is earned through commercial sex. Females ages 5-25 are the sole wage-earners for the Child Sex Worker (CSW) villages, and there are very few fathers since most children are born as a result of prostitution. Children are indoctrinated at an early age, often as exotic "dancers." The lingering vestiges of the Indian caste system, as well as some government loopholes, allow these villages to continue producing a vast income stream.

Through a partnership with The SEED Group, Lighthouse sponsors missionary work in one of the villages. The missionaries live on-site and provide after-school programs, meals, and the love of Christ to these children and their families. The hope, already realized at some CSW villages, is to establish a school and vocational training opportunities and grow up a generation with a different future - a future rooted in the love and knowledge of Christ.

Set the Table Campaign 2014-2017

In 2014, LCC members voted to commit 20 percent of their SET THE TABLE capital campaign funds to the CSW village partnership in India. Over a three-year period, that's a target of $50,000 we prayed to put into the missionary work through SEED. On April 30, 2017, LCC celebrated the end of its three-year campaign and God's tremendous favor on us over that time. Twenty percent of the SET THE TABLE funds - or more than $33,000 - has gone to fund missionary and anti-trafficking ministry in India, through our partners at The SEED Group.

India Shalom 2017

Though our capital campaign ended, we feel God's leading to continue funding the impactful ministry in India. We will do this through the launch of a one-year India support campaign, with pledge day on May 7, 2017.  Our goal is to raise commitments for $1,250 a month for the next year.   Won't you prayerfully consider how God would have you respond to this need?